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Graph of Downtown San Diego Condo Inventory. Place your cursor over the graph for specific details.


Graph Notes: 2008 Figures in PURPLE. 2007 Figures in GREEN. 2006 Figures in ORANGE. 2005 Figures in RED. 2004 Figures in BLUE. 2003 Figures in POWDER BLUE. The inventory is counted from the condos available on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). On 1/25/06 the graph started to include the average price of units sold during the previous 30 day period, and the average price of units pending sale. Previously, from 10/19/05 to 1/25/06 the inventory figure in parenthesis is the number of builder units included in the inventory total (only those posted for sale on the the MLS and presently no longer counted). Starting February 01,2006, the data no longer includes the developer units on the MLS. The data from 11/19/03 to 01/25/06 did include developer units (which skews the figures). All of the data above is collected and hand counted by me weekly. Because the figures aren't compiled by a computer, there is probably some small margin of error. I don't know what that margin may be (but it would be minuscule).

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