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Summary of Downtown Condos

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Rating System - My ratings are based upon several factors, which include (but aren't limited to): location, surrounding neighborhood quality, quality of construction (concrete, steel, wood-framing?), quality of the finished building itself, upgrades, scarcity, view, age, HOA fees, amenities, security, building services, Neighborhood Crime Rate, and more. I also look at negative factors such as: litigation, train noise, airport noise, lack of upgrades, etc.

For buyers, my ratings are intended to be used as a general guide only. For example, there could be a wonderful unit in a building that I've given an "entry-level" rating. Or there could be a unit in poor condition in a four-star rated building. My ratings do not take into consideration an individual unit in a building.

For owners, please do not call or email asking why I've rated your building entry-level, or one star. It's nothing personal, I'm simply using the above guidelines to rate buildings for those who may be unfamiliar with the 60+ buildings with condos for sale downtown.

To view the entire list, click here. I do plan on revisiting and revising this list a few times a year.

To other real estate agents, the ratings are my professional (and unbiased) opinion. Read this carefully: these ratings are my opinions based upon the above criteria. My rating system isn't meant to disparage your listing in any building that I may have rated lower than four stars. I do not think it is unethical to have an opinion on the product I help people buy and sell. Perhaps other real estate agents should spend more time developing their own real estate business and spending less time on another agent's website.

Buyers and sellers, let me know if I can help you with real estate in San Diego.

My best,

I am providing this web site for informational purposes only. Any agent of your choice can assist you. However, if you are interested in any downtown condo, whether buying, selling, or just a question, I hope to be your REALTOR of choice.

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